Meet the Characters

from ‘The Adventures of BB, Shlumbernerd & William’


  • Don’t let the short stature fool you.  What BB lacks in size, she makes up in volume.  Having a keen love of animals and nature, she has been known to hide mice, blue tongue lizards and other creatures under her bed. 


  • Shlumbernerd is the easy-going charmer of the family. He’s laid back about most things, as long as you don’t touch his music collection. 


  • Known for being tactless and temperamental, William is very protective of his family and brave in the face of danger. 


  • Dad is the resident jack-of-all-trades and can fix pretty much anything. He likes to haggle with salespeople at the shop, which is a source of never-ending embarrassment for the family. 


  • Mum likes watching corny dramas on TV and drinking strong Turkish coffee (the stuff that makes your eyes water). She has a sweet tooth and believes in a diet of moderation as long as that includes lots of cookies and cakes.


  • Grandma is the glue that keeps the family together. She keeps a secret stash of chocolate butter toffees in her handbag (which can only be used during grave emergencies). 


  • Wherever Tim goes, trouble (and Derek) usually follow.  His bright and inquisitive nature isn’t the problem, he just wasn’t blessed with much common sense or the perceptive gift of knowing when to stop.   


  • Derek is a follower and needs no persuading when it comes to his friends’ foolhardy adventures. Underneath the dopey exterior, he’s a bit of a softy. 


  • Kind and caring, Ella is a source of strength and friendship for BB.


  • Anne knows what she wants out of life and is determined to get it. A red-haired fashionista; getting what she wants is even more satisfying when she’s decked out in her favourite pair of shoes and matching handbag.


  • A little terror in a blue tuxedo, Marcus has the uncommon gift of bringing chaos wherever he goes. His young age and shortness of height don’t bother him as he makes sure that he stands out in every crowd.

Auntie Isabel

  • Auntie Isabel has a heart of gold and a patience level to match.