Excerpt from ‘The Adventures of BB, Shlumbernerd & William’:

They were three-quarters of the way in when it happened. Shlumbernerd overbalanced due to the strong current and the weight of the water pushing against the bike. In he went, and the bike toppled over with him.

BB started to scream in a panicked voice, ‘William! He’s going to drown. You’ve got to do something.’

There was a look of blind fear on Shlumbernerd’s face as he gasped for air. He was half-sitting on the road, with the water surging around his neck, trying to find some traction with his hands, something to hold onto before it was too late …

Some days, being a kid ain’t pretty. You want to be the hero of the story, but end up being your own worst enemy. And then life throws up endless problems for you to solve …

Three kids. Endless adventures. Some side-splittingly hilarious, some just plain terrifying.

This comical treasure trove of stories doubles as a ‘how-to’ manual for kids. For example, it shows how to: deal with schoolyard bullies, silence monster brats, organise a protest march at school, get rid of incriminating evidence and dodge a herd of angry cattle. And that’s just for starters.

Life was never going to be boring living out west on a farm.

This is an action-packed adventure story that is entertaining for readers aged 9-13, middle school students, and adults (of all ages). It explores themes of family, friendship and the importance of facing challenges with a pinch of laughter and a lot of persistence.

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‘The Adventures of BB, Shlumbernerd & William’ will be available in print from June.